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Welcome to the Gunnies Homepage

Not Just a Trade, it's "A Way Of Life"

Welcome to the Australian Armourers Association web site.
We are a non-profit Organisation dedicated to supporting current and former Armament Fitters,
Technicians, and Armament Officers of the Royal Australian Air Force,
known as “Gunnies”, and their family and friends. The Association has the following goals:
- Support those serving;
- Honour the professional, cultural, and social history of Armourers;
- Record that history;
- Support interaction between Armourers, family and friends; and
- Support Armourers through provision of information and advice.
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National Gunnie Reunion Nov 19
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Next Reunion Dates for 2019

see "Reunions' Page" for contacts

01Nov to 03 Nov National Gunnies Reunion - Camp Kurrajong – Wagga NSW

29th November - Muree Golf Club restaurant

30th November - Melbourne - Beer Deluxe (Fed Square)

30th November – ArmFest 2019 – SA - Combined Services Mess, Torrens Training Depot

06 December – Ipswich – Brothers Leagues Club - QLD